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Everyday is an opportunity to do something you have never done before in a place that is unforgettably beautiful. Engage you senses and have a look at all the activities Moreton Island has to offer. Activities cater for all types, Here you can throw yourself into adventure sports such as boating, surfing, and sand tobogganing. Or you can take things a little easier with a wide range of relaxing activities, like fishing, wildlife viewing, relaxing on the beach or snorkelling.

Moreton Island is a natural paradise that leaves adventure and thrill seekers wanting more.

sand boarding Moreton Island
Sand Tobogganing

Moreton Island is home to massive sand dunes perfect for sandboarding or sand tobogganing. There are a number of places where this can be experienced including Little Sand Hills, Big Sand Hills and The Desert. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while flying down the sand dune on a waxed sand board.

Dolphin Feeding

Hand feeding wild dolphins is a once in a lifetime opportunity and gives guests staying at Tangalooma Resort the opportunity to interact in their natural environment off the beach. Anyone can come watch the experience from the jetty, giving you a birds eye view of the dolphins entering the feeding area, swimming around and taking fish right out of the hand of the feeders.

Moreton Island Brisbane Whale watching Whale Watching

Cape Moreton is a good viewpoint for watching marine life such as humpback whales during their migration from June to November,also dolphins, sharks and turtles. to experience the beauty of these whales, take a tour to see these whales feeding, breaching, splashing their tails and take a leap out of the ocean.

bulwer fishing Island Fishing

Moreton Island is a fisherman's paradise, with its quite, unspoilt beaches there are always plenty of fish to catch. There is nothing quite like the thrill of the strike from a fish and the ensuing fight. The waters around the island provide some of the best fishing in the world. Beach fishing or Deep sea and Reef Fishing.

Bulwer beach Moreton Islands Beaches

The Heart of any Moreton Island adventure has got to be hanging at the beach. Stretches of white sandy beach line the island' edge. Swimmers can enjoy a dip from any of the beaches, however the western beach are favourite sheltered areas to enjoy the waters and relax on the beach in front of crystal clear water.

Boat at Tangalooma Boating

Come boating off Moreton Island. Cruise across Moreton Bay, A stunning wide expanse of sheltered blue waters, Moreton Bay is an aquatic playground and marine sanctuary.

Snorkelling Moreton Island Diving & Snorkelling

Dive or snorkel the Curtin Artificial Reef and the Tangalooma Wrecks, both manmade with some of the best viewing of marine life. The crystal clear waters at Moreton Island offer fine conditions for scuba divers and snorkellers. Most diving is done on the north side of Moreton Island where you can find Flinders Reef, the only true coral reef near Brisbane.

four wheel driving Four Wheel Driving

Moreton Island is the perfect destination for your four wheel drive adventure. Whether you bring your own 4x4 or hire one. You can drive the whole way around its coastal perimeter along the beach except for a few bypass tracks around the beach in front of the few townships and campgrounds.

Backpacking Moreton Hikes & Walks

Moreton Island has many walking and hiking trails on the island, ranging from short easy strolls to half-day hikes. Walking is one of the best ways to appreciate the island's environmental features and discover some of the various wildlife habitats.

Surfing Surfing

Weather your a pro looking for great waves or a beginner learning the ropes, you can't go wrong getting on a board in the Moreton Island waters. The Island is made up of beaches, spits and some bays seperated by rocky headlands that point in every direction, so places will be different on the same day.

Birds Moreton Island Bird Watching

Moreton Island is a pristine environment with a variety of habitats supporting some interesting and valuable species. It has wetland sites, the salt marsh, tidal flats, sandy beaches and lakes. Moreton Bay and the islands provide a vital feeding and resting point for thousands of migratory birds. Over 180 different bird species have been recorded on Moreton Island.

Storm near Moreton Island Rainy Days

From time to time Moreton Island does see some rain, but don't let that dampen your spirit of adventure. Moreton Island is a great place to be, rain or shine. Get outside and enjoy the multitude of activities that Moreton Island has to offer.

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