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Moreton Island Fishing

Moreton Island is a fisherman's paradise, with its quite, unspoilt beaches there are always plenty of fish to catch. There is nothing quite like the thrill of the strike from a fish and the ensuing fight. The waters around the island provide some of the best fishing in the world as they are clean and unpolluted.

Fishing here is for everyone and the kids love it, pulling in their first catch on a beutiful beach surrounding, unforgettable. You are almost garaunteed to catch something.

All freshwater fish are protected on Moreton Island. Fishing or collecting bait in lakes and streams is not permitted.

Moreton Island is surrounded by Moreton Bay Marine Park, Four sections of beach on Moreton Island are zoned as marine national park (green) zones under the Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan. All forms of collecting including fishing are prohibited in these zones.

Additionally two conservation park (yellow) zones overlap beaches as well. In these yellow zones fishing is restricted to a maximum of two lines and two hooks per person.
Refer to the Moreton Bay Marine Park map for boundaries and restrictions relating to zones and designated areas.


Beach fishing provides opportunities to land Jewfish, Trevally, Tailor, Dart, Whiting, Bream and Flathead throughout the year. Whiting are caught on the western beach(calm side) all the way from Tangalooma to North Point, winter is a great time for fishing.

Flathead can be found in several spots around the Island's shores. Favourite spots are the submerged logs and tide eddies near Tangalooma Point and Comboyuro Point and in the many surf gutters along the ocean beach (Surfside). Tailor are often caught off the rocks at North Point and along the surfside. The Tailor run north along the beaches to their breeding grounds in early spring and return south in December.


Reef and surface-feeding fish are caught in deeper waters off shore, like Snapper, King Fish, Tuna and Mackerel and Marlin. Crabs are seasonal. There are bag limits and size limits to some species.


Spearfishing is prohibited within the waters of the artificial reef area off Moreton Island. Approximate reef boundaries extend from Tangalooma Point to Comboyuro Point, with a 700 m offshore boundary out from the beach.

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