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The Lakes

Moreton Island has a few freshwater lakes. A number of perched and window lakes have formed on the island over many years. As the water table beneath the Island fills with rain water large lakes are formed, with Blue Lagoon being the largest and most popular.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a natural fresh water lake infused with tea tree oils, which was formed through the natural catchments of rainwater over thousands of years when the water table meets the ground surface. Its fresh water and white sand make it the perfect spot for a swim to cool off or to just sit back, relax and enjoy the people playing in the lake. It is also great for wild flowers and bird watching.

Honeyeater Lake

Honeyeater Lake is a good place to see a variety of waterbirds, the lake is surrounded by banksia flowers which attract honeyeaters. Enjoy the sound of the honeyeater while viewing this perched lake from the viewing platform which is located near the carpark, or take an invigorating swim in this lake. Musk ducks are also seen on the lake.This lake was created when water collected in a depression with a solid bottom which prevents rainwater filtering down into the water table.

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