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Four Wheel Driving 4x4 4wd

Rugged sand tracks wriggle their way throught the bush across and along Moreton Island. The beach is the Main Road, the sand tracks the back streets. Moreton Island is the perfect destination for a four wheel drive adventure. Whether you bring your own vehicle, Hire one before you leave or book a 4wd tour

You can drive the whole way around Moreton Islands coastal perimeter along the beach except for a few bypass tracks around the beach in front of the few townships and campgrounds in your 4x4. Roads on the island are unsealed, rough, rutted, sandy and usually one car wide but two way with boggy pull offs for passing.

The exposed eastern side of Moreton Island runs for 38 km from rocky North Point down to sandy Reeders Point. In between are the rocks of the cape, then a 31 km long, slightly curving, high energy, east facing beach that extends from the south side of the cape down to the beginning of the large South Passage. The beach continues on for another 6 km inside the passage to Reeders Point.

You can drive the whole length of this beach usually without an problem. Distance markers are located at 2 kilometre intervals. N followed by the km number and S followed by the km number for North and South of Middle Road. At times exposed coffee rocks may make the area around White(camel) rock impassable especially after rough seas or higher tides.

The Beach between Kooringal and Tangalooma is not always passable. Fallen trees driftwood and shifting sands can make the beach impassable even at low tide.

Driving on the sand roads at times can be difficult especially during holidays when they become extremely boggy or after long periods of no rain. You will probably get bogged once while trying to explore the island. However, it is easy enough to free your car if you don't continually spin the wheels once the car loses momentum. The best thing to do is back up and try again or let more air out of your tyres.

You can drive around Moreton Island and explore most of the spots in one day, but to explore and enjoy places in depth at least two days is recommended.

Here we have some 4wd tips and driving suggestions.for you.

four wheel driving on moreton island

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