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Travel Times & Four Wheel Drive 4x4 Tips

Wild sand tracks wriggle their way throught the bush across and along Moreton Island. The beach is the Main Road, the sand tracks the back streets. No traffic jams , no honking horns , maybe the occassional bogged tourist, but not a care in the world.

Much of the driving on Moreton island is done on the beaches which are designated roads and are subject to the same rules as other roads in Queensland. The maximum speed limit on Moreton Island is 60kmh.

Most beaches have washouts cause by creeks cutting across the beach. It is imperative to slow to walking pace to cross them. Roads across the island are unsealed, rough, rutted, sandy and narrow. Not suitable for speeds anywhere near the maximum. Slow down and be prepared to back up for oncoming traffic. Many roads/beaches are now marked with 30 kph speed limit signs.

Beaches don't have lines drawn down the middle of the road. Pass on the left and indicate your intentions to not cause confusion. Parts of the beach are closed to vehicles for safe use by beachgoers.

Locations of Beach closures are in front of Tangalooma Resort, in front of Cowan Cowan township, The speed limit is reduced to 30 kph in front of Ben-Ewa Campground, The Wrecks Campground, the barge landing areas at Reeders Point, The Wrecks & and 20kph in front of Bulwer, Comboyuro Point Campground and North Point.

Helpful sand driving tips

Travel at low tide, or within two hours either side so you can drive along the hard sand.
You may choose to reduce tyre pressure to get more traction in soft sand, but if you do, do not forget to re-inflate your tyres to resume speed on harder sand or surfaces.
Reduced tyre pressure will affect your vehicle's performance. Remember to avoid sharp turns, sudden braking, high-speeds and driving over rough surfaces. Tyres have been known to come off their rims.
Carry a shovel, tow rope, snatch strap or traction aids in case you get bogged.
Make sure your locking hubs and four-wheel drive are engaged on inland tracks and soft beach sand.
select low gears for soft, dry sand.
If your vehicle starts to bog, stop reverse out and try to drive forward again

Tide Time Tables

Travelling at low tide is easier when travelling around to view. Please view Tide Times to plan your travels accordingly.

how long does it take to get me to....

Cape Moreton to:

Bulwer via North Point
35 minutes
Bulwer via Blue Lagoon Road
55 minutes
Little Sandhills via ocean beach
50 minutes
Tangalooma via Middle Road
50 minutes

Tangalooma to:

Bulwer via Cowan Cowan
35 minutes
Kooringal via Toulkerrie Oyster Farm
55 minutes

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