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Aboriginal Culture

The Ngugi people, a clan belonging to the Quandamooka group, used Moreton Island, which they called Moorgumpin. Shell middens scattered around Moreton’s coastline indicate Aboriginal occupation for at least 2000 years. They depended on the abundant marine life for food, eating fish, shellfish, dugong and turtle. Due to the limited development on the island, the Indigenous heritage has been well preserved and there are 330 cultural sites, including shell middens, bone scatters and a stone quarrie.

The Ngugi people wandered the length of the island hunting and gathering from an abundant source of seafood and plants. Their diet consisted of oysters, mussels, fish, pandanus fruit and wild honey, and they hunted for dugong, goannas and turtles.
They may have come to North Stradbroke to hunt for larger mammals as there are none native to Moreton Island.

The middens are in several places over the island. The middens contain a mixture of oysters, whelks, periwinkles and cockles The most visible one is at spitfire creek.

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