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Sand Toboggan

Moreton Island is home to massive sand dunes perfect for sand boarding or sand tobogganing. There are a number of places where this can be experienced including Little Sand Hills, Big Sand Hills, The Desert. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while flying down the sand dune on a waxed sand board.

Sand Tobogganing consists of lying on a piece of board usually waxed masonite face down or sitting and sliding down a hill reaching speed up to 80km/h.
Sand Boarding is where you are standing up on a board with straps to hook your feet into.

Tips when sand tobogganing
The best material to use is masonite wood which is slick and shiny on one side usually no wider than the average persons body
The first thing you want to do is wax your board with wax (candle wax works fine), push down firmly and wax in a vertical pattern.
next give your board a quick buff, this will enable it to move straight away when you sit or stand on it. Put the board on the sand push down firmly and slide it forward and back to smooth out the wax.
You should wax your board every couple of runs to prevent the slickness wearing away.

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